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:: tutorial .023

Start with your base, sharpen once.

Duplicate the base and set this layer to 100% overlay, and desaturate it.

Time for a curves layer.
Point One
Input: 175
Output: 199
Point Two
Input: 87
Output: 70


Point One
Input: 205
Output: 194
Point Two
Input: 149
Output: 111 
Point Three
Input: 59
Output: 40

Point One
Input: 215
Output: 183
Point Two
Input: 75
Output: 79

Which gives you this:

Make a colored blob on a 200X200 or 100X100 black background, can be any color but I'm using #982B62.
Or you can just make a new layer, set to screen/lighten and put the colored blob on there without the black bg.
I used a 100X100 circle brush, comes default with Photoshop.

I've set mine to lighten, you can do lighten or screen.

And you are done!!

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