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:: tutorial .020

This tutorial is fairly simple and short, but I like the way it turns out.

I like how this tutorial looks with a dark base.
Start with your base, sharpen.

Duplicate the base, and set to soft light 100%.
This makes the dark places darker, I didn't do more than one soft light layer because my base is already quite dark.

Using color #2DDAFD, create a new layer and set to 100% saturation.

Using color #2DDAFD, make a new gradient fill.
(Click on the half black, half white circle at the bottom of the layers window, and select Gradient).
Use this as a guide:

Set this layer to 100% lighten to get this:

You can leave it as is, but I thought there was too much blue so I rasterized the layer and used the eraser tool on the layer.

That is all, hope you found this helpful :]

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